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Sinus Defense/BetaMax 500 Bundle

Price: $118.99

Product Code: 103-114

Description: The addition of BetaMax 500, a Beta-1 3-D glucan, to Sinus Defense is a powerful combination. Sinus Defense tags the antigens for T- Cells and Natural Killer Cells to immediately kill them and Betamax works by activating the macrophages which remove the dead Foreign invaders.

About Sinus Defense

Sinus Defense sublingual spray is the first product to deliver Transfer Factory for rapid absorption, easy & efficient delivery, and to avoid poor bioavailability of medicines that get exposed to the acidic gastrointestinal tract that can break down medicines.

Transfer Factor aids your immune system to immediately identify, remember, and remove foreign antigens (or allergens) quickly. Transfer factor identifies and marks foreign invaders so that our innate and immediate
Cell-Mediated Immunity (T-Cells and Natural Killer Cells) can eliminate the threat. Our innate immunity works immediately versus a much slower antibody (humoral) response provided with allergy shots.

Because it is used daily, our immediate response, Innate Immunity mobilizes T-Cells and Natural Killer Cells to maintain consistent performance over time.

Sinus Defense is a homeopathic, colostrum-based Transfer Factor. It was discovered in 1954 to
transfer immunity from one person to another (example: mother/ child via breast feeding).

Sinus Defense does not require physician allergy testing and administration. It can be used prior to or in conjunction with allergy shots or immunotherapy, where specific antigens are introduced to the body, enabling it to develop antibodies over time. Because there are numerous antigens and many species of mold, Sinus Defense is designed to bind to a broad array of antigens, especially mold, since mold spores exist almost everywhere.

30 day guarantee

Product Size: 2 fl. oz.

Active Ingredients: Lac Vaccinum 3x,6x,30x,60x,200x, Silicea 5x

Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol USP 20%, Purified Water.

Children under 12: Consult a Health Care Professional.

Do not eat, drink, or brush teeth within 15 minutes spraying under the tongue.

NOTE: Bottle lasts for 6-8 weeks depending on number of sprays used.

BetaMax 500 by Chisolm Biologicals Labs, is an extra potent form of beta-1,3-d glucan that enhances the immune system.

About BetaMax 500
Beta-1, 3-D glucan works by activating the macrophages, the "foot soldiers” of the immune system, which trap and engulf foreign substances. Also, the activated cells start a cascade of events that cause the entire system to be alerted and mobilized, in an entirely naturally activated sequence. The result is an amplified immune system response until the "invaders" are defeated.

Sinus Defense/BetaMax Bundle:
Dr. Dennis has found that by using BetaMax 500 along with Sinus Defense (which contains homeopathic colostrum) your immune system gets a super charge that exponentially boosts the body's ability to develop resistance to mold and bacteria. This pairing has now been added to his Body Protocol for mananging your Chronic Sinusitis.
Suggested Use: Take 1-2 on an empty stomach with water (do not eat for 30 minutes) or as directed by your physician
Contains: 60 capsules
Ingredients: Beta Glucan 500 mg from Saccharomyces cervesia yeast
*As with any supplement or medicine discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

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