The Micro Balance Health Products Story

The Micro Balance Story

Donald Dennis MD FASC has been a practicing ENT surgeon for 36 years treating over 36,000 patients. Over the past two decades, his practice has evolved to pay close attention to the fungal (mold) impact and causal relationship with his patients who come to him while suffering from severe chronic sinusitis and symptoms. He focuses on the immune system’s reaction caused by mold spore exposure that develops symptoms that are often debilitating and interferes with a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness during everyday home and work life.

The innovative epiphany was inspired two decades ago by one specific, difficult to treat, suffering patient that had required 5 surgeries to remove polyps. One day, during a scheduled medical appointment, after a two week vacation to the beach, the patient declared that he had felt “the best he has in years,” and his endoscopic sinus exam was clear for the first time.

Dr. Dennis carefully listened to the patient’s testimony and the conditions at the specific beach (temperature, salt air, and sunlight). He recognized that this particular beach situation presented a “Mold Free Environment.” He began testing the clothes patients were wearing and asking patients to test their homes for mold. As a result, he encountered many results showing extremely high levels of mold spores on their persons and in their living environment. Simultaneous testing of patients sinuses, he consistently found mold and hypothesized that their home was making them sick. Since mold is a year round antigen and as prevalent as bacteria, his quest to aid patients to attempt to create a “Mold Free Environment” in their living sinuses and living began.

Dr. Dennis began research and development of products for his patients to remove mold from patients sinuses, home, and clothes. The products developed were safe and all natural, capitalizing the potent anti fungal and bacterial properties of various natural botanical extracts discovered and published in the late 1970’s. An independent study, published by the Mayo Clinic in 1999, validated his notion that the presence of mold was present in the vast majority of chronic sinusitis patients.

Dr. Dennis then began developing the platform for the first natural and safe environmental products to clear the sinuses from the spores that were making them sick. He then focused on developing products for his patients to attempt to create a mold free environment in their homes.. His subsequently developed candles that are the only products shown by an independent lab to remove mycotoxins (mold toxins) from the air. These products and formulations cleared the patient’s sinuses and their living environment of high mold spore counts in the air they breathe at home. Soon after, Dr Dennis developed homeopathic remedies to increase the bodies resistance to mold and strengthen the immune system.

Microbalance Health Products incorporated in 2009 to make these and other products available to thousands of suffering patients all over the world. The products are simple, cost effective, and provide relief to chronic sinusitis sufferers that cold not escape debilitating symptoms through traditional medicinal treatment of antibiotics for bacterial infection, steroids for inflammation, and surgical intervention.

Since then, numerous products to control mold air counts in patient sinuses, home, and clothes have been made available to his patients with more in development.