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SANI+TIZER Cold Fogger and Mold Solution Concentrate
EC3 Mold Fogger

Price: $319.99

Product Code: 203-210


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Microbalance Health Products is proud to offer the optimal solution to efficiently distribute EC3 Mold Solution throughout an entire home to reduce the fungal load in the air of a water damaged or moldy home, basement, attic, or crawl spaces.

Curtis Dynafog SANI+TIZER is the first ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer specifically designed to efficiently apply antibacterial, deodorizing, and mold abatement solutions. The Sani-Tizer can be adjusted to apply either an ULV aerosol or a residual spray that wets all surfaces. The mist can distribute particles as small as 5 microns that can settle on surfaces, attach to dust, and evaporate or up to 50 micron mist which will leave a light wet residue without penetrating surfaces.

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate: An all-natural botanical solution that can be used to manage mold and bacteria to reduce the microbial or fungal load in your air to safer levels. (Mix with Distilled Water. Makes One Gallon)

Ideal to reduce mold air load of water damaged homes temporarily while awaiting or executing mold remediation. Safe for use indoors use to treat carpets walls, furniture, ductwork, crawlspaces, basements, attics, garages, closets, storage containers and more.
Special Reduced Price for Hurricane Victims:
($400 Value) plus Free Shipping!

Does not eliminate the need for mold remediation if needed.

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