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CellTropin was originally conceived as a way to help people with with severe chronic disease or difficult injuries recover faster. But we quickly learned that it was also a powerful anti-aging tool because it solves many of the underlying issues caused by aging for people over 30.

Do you know why you age?
Two of the big reasons are: 1) over time your body produces less human growth hormone resulting in less efficient cellular turn over. 2) your Telomere, that is the end cap that holds your DNA together, shrinks each time a copy of your cells are made. When the Telomere gets too short, the DNA is less stable for copies, which contributes to aging.

These two factors in the aging process impact sleep, energy level, brain function, metabolism, stamina, and recovery time. The key to slowing or even reversing the aging process is to regulate the Pituitary Gland, boost HGH production and stabilize the Telomere.

It is widely known through clinical studies that certain nutritional combinations can achieve these goals. Arginie has been shown to promote natural human growth hormone production, Pituitary extract assists the balancing of your hormone levels. Astragalus Root has been demonstrated to supports the regrowth of your Telomere. CellTropin is the first product to create a unique combination of these nutritional supplements.

This is a new product and our test study participants are RAVING about its affects. They tell us about their: sustained energy, improved sleep, greater mental focus, increased ability to work and play harder, and faster recovery from difficult tasks. Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself today.

DIRECTIONS: 3 to 4 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day. Hold for 10-15 seconds under the tongue. Do not use within 15 minutes (before and after) of consuming beverages, food or brushing teeth for maximum benefit.

Each bottle lasts approximately 6 weeks.

  • Vital part of a chronic disease treatment plan
  • Delivers sustained energy
  • Speeds recovery and increases stamina
  • Promotes cellular turnover
  • Fights the aging process
  • Fast Acting
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Size: Twelve 2 fl. oz.

Active Ingredients: Pituitary 3x,6x,12x,30x. Arginine 3x, 6x, 12x, 30. Silicea 5x. Astragalus Excapus 12x.
Inactive Ingredients: Alcohol USP 20%, Purified Water

Indication: Supports the pituitary and endocrine system.

Direction for Use: For adults: 2-4 sprays under tongue 2-3 times daily. Not for use as a nose spray.
Children under 12:
Consult a Health Care Professional.
Do not take within 15 minutes of consuming food, beverage, or brushing teeth.

NOTE: Bottle lasts for 4-8 weeks depending on number of sprays used.

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