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Two decades ago, a particularly difficult to treat, suffering patient, who had endured 5 surgeries to remove nasal polyps inspired Dr. Dennis’ “mold epiphany”…

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The Breathe Easy Kit contains everything you need to rinse mold from your nose before it has a chance to make you sick. CitriDrops added to the Nasopure saline nasal wash will wash away any mold entering the sinus, and CitriDrops Nasal Spray will prevent and limit mold exposure and infection on-the-go.

The Environmental Kit contains everything you need to test for and to verify mold levels in your home, and to begin the process of temporarily getting rid of mold spores. The kit contains an EC3 Mold Screening Test Kit, EC3 Mold Solution Spray, EC3 Laundry Additive, and EC3 Air Purification Candles, so that you can immediately bring mold counts in the air and on surfaces and textiles down to safe levels.

Mold exists everywhere. Stop bringing it into your home or wearing it on your clothes! Add EC3 Laundry Additive to your rinse cycle in every load. This product will eliminate biological odors and mold spores from any washable item.

36 Years of Experience in Healing

Donald Dennis, MD, FACS, has been a practicing ENT surgeon for 36 years, and has treated over 36,000 patients. Over the past two decades, his practice has evolved to pay close attention to the causal relationship between fungus (mold) and chronic sinusitis and other symptoms that were continuously plaguing his patients. He found that when he helped patients to identify and treat the fungus, both in their environments and in their sinuses, Dr. Dennis focuses on the immune system’s reaction to mold exposure, and the way that the immune system’s inflammatory response causes symptoms that are often debilitating and that interfere with a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness during everyday home and work life.

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